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Home defense is as much a mindset as it is physically hardening your home against threats.  You must always be aware of areas of vulnerability in your home.  Where are the weaknesses?  If you were to break into your home, where is the easiest point of entry?  Where would you be concealed from view while trying to gain entry?  Once you’ve identified these weaknesses you can begin to address them and make your home a much more difficult target.  If you have the money to go with a state of the art surveillance and alarm system, then by all means invest in it, your family is worth every penny!  Some of us however, aren’t in a financial position that would allow us to install such a system.  Therefore we have to be a little more creative, though just as effective, in protecting our home.

The first thing that you can do to protect your home is very simple… Don’t advertise or draw attention to what you have!  Leaving drapes in the front of your home open so that people on the outside can see your electronics, gun cabinets, etc. is as good as an invitation to thieves.  If you need light in your home, open windows that don’t give a view to the public of what is in your home.  Also leaving boxes of big ticket purchases at the curb or on the side of the house can also draw the attention of undesirables.  Take those boxes elsewhere to get rid of them or break them down so that they are not like a flashing neon sign that reads, “Hey, we’ve got some cool shit over here!”

OPSEC, Operational Security, is the order of the day in defending your home.  Don’t tell people what you have/ don’t have in your home.  You never know when an acquaintance may, even if not intentionally meaning harm, mention things you’ve shared with them in front of or with the wrong person.  Keep it to yourself!  If you have food stores, weapons, etc. that is no one’s business but your own

Locks.  Very simple, lock your shit up if you don’t want people coming in or stealing your stuff.  Quality locks are not expensive when compared to replacing your valuables.  Granted, a determined thief will gain entrance if they want to, but making it as difficult as possible provides you with a better chance of them being detected and/ or giving up and going on to an easier target.  Windows should also have locks.  Not just the one that comes on the standard window, but one that prevents the window from being moved in the track.  Making entry as difficult as possible is your goal.

Safe Room/ Panic Room.  You can harden off one room or closet so that everyone in the house has a place to retreat to if necessary.  Some extra long bolts, a solid wood door, a pre-paid cellphone, some food/ water and a firearm can give you and your family members a safe area to call for help or hide from an intruder.

Obstructions.  There are many plants that can obstruct entry to vulnerable areas such as rose bushes or osage orange.  I would recommend putting these near windows that may be hidden from view of the street as a deterrent.  If you have teenagers, these can also deter the sneaking in and out from these areas as well :).



2 thoughts on “Home Defense

  1. Hey Dan, it’s Travis from over at fit to survive!

    Great article! At my house we never put out Christmas presents until that evening. It amazes me how many people put their nice pretty tree in front of the big picture window for all to see. Presents included. “shaking head”

    People also put stuff on social media all the time about how they are gone on vacation or post selfies with big screen T.V.’s in the back ground. Helloooo?

    Also, in my home I have identified a safe place to go should I experience a break in. That safe place has a “funnel” if you will, to go through. Meaning if that home invader is coming after me or my family he has to walk down a hall way to get to me. He has no where to go and I can see him, and take out the threat easily.

  2. Good points, Travis. Thank you for sharing them. Some people amaze me at their lack of situational awareness!

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