Social Media Security


Social media is all around us these days and some people feel the compulsion to detail every moment of their lives on it.  While there are positive aspects to being connected in this way, such as keeping in contact with family and friends no matter how much physical distance is between you.  There is danger in the fact that people that mean you harm have access to your daily life as well.  I have had friends that have had their homes burglarized while they were away and announced their absence on social media.  While contemplating how to best use social media and protect myself and my home I came up with a very simple solution, that prevents you from being victimized due to information you post online.  Are you ready?  It’s very simple… Everything you post on social media should be “Past Tense”.  If you post where you are at the moment, not only does a potential attacker know where you are, they know where you are not as well.  If you post where you will be on vacation next month, not only do they know where you’ll be, they know where you won’t be which makes it easy to plan to do you harm.  However, if you post AFTER you get back from vacation, dinner, the movies, etc. NO ONE can go back in time and victimize you or burglarize your home.  I would encourage you to ask all members of your household to stick by this simple rule.  It provides you with safety while still letting everyone participate in social media activities.

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