Personal Protection

First, let me be very clear.  I can not, nor can anyone else, teach you to fight or be a self defense expert over the internet.  The only way that you can learn to fight and be prepared to fight (whether it is hand to hand, knife, gun, etc.), is through TRAINING.  There is absolutely NO SUBSTITUTE for TRAINING.  with that point being made, what I (and others) can do is give you information that can help you to decide which training may best suit you as well as offer some drills that you can incorporate into your training.

I use the term “Personal Protection” rather than “Self Defense” only because it seems like a much broader (to me anyways) description.  Self Defense seems to conjure up images of someone defending against some kind of physical attack using traditional martial arts or boxing techniques.  Personal Protection (again, as per my definition) covers protecting all of your assets, your body and those that you care about.  It’s not just how to get out of a choke hold or bear hug, etc.  Keeping you and yours safe is the ultimate goal.

As with anything else, mindset goes a long way when it comes to personal protection.  If you are not prepared to do what is necessary to keep yourself, your property and/ or your family safe; then you and yours are destined to become victims.

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