Hand to Hand

I have participated “sport fighting” (wrestling, boxing, traditional martial arts and mma) and I have been in more than my fair share of “street fights”.  What I have to say on the subject of hand to hand combat may not jive with what some of the “internet experts” have to say, but it comes from real experience and has served me well.  I’m far from the biggest, baddest MOFO in the world, and believe me… anyone can overcome anyone else on any given day.

Notice I said, “overcome” and that I didn’t use the words “beat” or “win” in the above?  There’s a good reason for that; there is no “winning” or “victory” in a real fight.  It is NOT a contest like sport fighting.  All that matters is that the threat is eliminated and/ or you can remove you and your’s to safety, PERIOD!  Anytime you get involved in a hand to hand combat situation, you are risking physical injury.  You must weigh the risk vs. reward before making contact.  Is whatever the other person/ persons threatening worth the risk of physical injury?  If not, move on.  If so, commit yourself completely to the task at hand.  Make up your mind that you will eliminate the threat and apply the very simple principles of hand to hand combat I am going to share with you here.

Before I share the simple principles of hand to hand combat I want to be very clear about something.  I am not implying in any way shape or form that sport fighting is of no use to you or not an important part of your survival/ preparedness training.  A person that trains in any form of sport fighting has some very distinct advantages over those who do not.  Number one: Someone who trains regularly is likely to be in much better shape than someone that doesn’t train.  Many times, stamina alone can be the deciding factor in who walks away from a physical confrontation.  Number two: Through training, you learn timing and how to judge distance.  It doesn’t matter how hard you can hit someone if miss!  If you don’t think this is important, go to your local boxing, Muay Thai or mma gym and spar with the students there.  You will find that you miss far more than you make contact and they will seem to effortlessly strike you at will.  Number three: Another very valuable advantage that you gain from training in sport fighting is becoming comfortable with physical contact.  First, grappling with another person and being in that close of contact will feel very unnatural and unsettling if you are not used to it.  Second, while you can not get used to or “build a tolerance” to getting hit, you can learn how your body reacts to and reduce fear of being hit.  People that have never been in a physical confrontation are often overwhelmed by the feeling of being struck.  Through training, this becomes less of a concern to you after having dealt with it.

Now for my simple principles for hand to hand combat… First, I didn’t invent this.  I was taught this by my father.  When I was young, one of my Aunts had a boyfriend that had been in and out of jail and was a self-proclaimed “badass”.  This “badass” was doing his best to intimidate me (a 10 year old boy) by telling me how he would beat my Dad’s ass because he was a “street fighter” and my Dad was just a cop.  I brought this to my Dad’s attention and expressed my concern at how dangerous “street fighters” might be to people like us and asked him how we could deal with these “street fighters”.  My father laughed a genuine belly laugh, sat me down and explained it to me like this…  He said, “I go to work everyday and fight with ‘street fighters’.  Who do they think we are fighting with on the streets?”  He then brought to my attention how this “badass” had all this to say to a 10 year old boy, but had never once mentioned any of it to my Dad.  In fact, he was pretty much a “yes sir/ no sir” type around my Dad… go figure.  So my Dad then taught me how to deal with physical confrontations like this, “Hit them fast, hit them hard and hit them often”.

Speed, aggression and overwhelming force will get you past all but the best trained and prepared of adversaries.

Please understand that when I talk about getting into a physical confrontation, I am referring to a serious threat to you and/ or your loved ones.  I’m not talking about fighting over a parking space, a spilled drink or some perceived slight or “disrespect”.  If you’re willing to get into a physical confrontation over such nonsense, you’re a fucking idiot and I would prefer that you don’t visit or participate in this site.

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