Improvised Weapons

I have always been fascinated with some of the things that people have used as improvised weapons.  As a Doorman (in adult nightclubs and a pool hall) I have seen quite a few of the more “conventional” improvised weapons (if that makes sense).  Bottles, glasses, cue balls, cue sticks and even the electric cord from a video game were used in those venues.  Basically, with a little imagination, you can weaponize just about anything including animals.

The key to improvised weapons is to think outside of the box.  In a life or death scenario, grabbing a housecat by the rear legs and swinging it at an attacker, may very well present you with an opportunity to escape or get to a more conventional and effective weapon.  Sticks and/ or rocks can be effective against two or four legged predators.  Dirt, sand or even household chemicals can temporarily blind an attacker so that you can escape or otherwise eliminate the threat they present. Be creative!

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