Along with gardening, raising livestock for food is just another step towards self sufficiency and makes you less dependent on others to survive.  If you were not raised on or around a farm, this may be a little intimidating.  Start small and and work your way up as you grow more comfortable and gain more knowledge and experience.  I would recommend that you start with quail, chickens or rabbits in the beginning.  These three are easy to manage, inexpensive, provide protein and fertilizer for your gardening.  I would recommend goats as the next step before moving on to hogs or cows.

Whatever livestock you you decide is best for you, make sure that you have the proper space available.  Overcrowding animals causes disease and is not fair to an animal that is giving it’s life to help sustain your own.  Also look into how much of your livestock’s feed you can grow on your own.  This will bring you not only one step closer to true independence, but will provide you and your’s with the healthiest food possible.

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