Gear/ Tools

This one can be difficult for me.  I LOVE gear!  However when it comes to what I carry on me on a daily basis I try to adhere to the K.I.S.S. principle.  The items I have with me on a daily basis are:

  • A blade (actually 2).  A small fixed blade neck knife for intricate work and a sturdy folder for processing small animals and fish as well as for personal defense.  If I am heading into the outdoors I add a sturdy fixed blade belt knife.
  • A stainless steel water bottle.  To carry and/ or sanitize water.
  • Fire starters, (as explained in the fire section) a lighter, fresnel lens and ferro rod.
  • A multi-tool.  I guess this is more blade (I’m a blade junkie)…  I prefer one with a saw blade and pliers to grab my SS container from the fire.
  • A bandana.  I’m bald and it is nice to cover my head in the desert.  It also can be used for first aid, to filter sediment out of water, tinder, etc.  (If going into the outdoors such as hiking, fishing or hunting, I wear a shemagh in place of the bandana.)
  • Cordage.  I carry 550 cord, but any cordage will do.
  • A whistle.  In the event I need to signal.  Your voice will only last so long yelling for help and the sound of the whistle travels further.
  • A small personal survival kit containing fishing line, hooks, sinkers and snare wire.

The cordage, whistle, ferro rod and survival kit are all in the form of a paracord bracelet that I made.  I also make lanyards that contain the same items as well as a small button compass.

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