Cold Steel Trail Hawk Review

I’ve had the Cold Steel Trail Hawk for a little over a year now, so this won’t be a “First Impressions” review. I’ve had the Cold Steel Trail Hawk out in the field and tinkered with it around the homestead and feel that I am ready to give my thoughts on this piece of gear. […]

Hunting and Fishing for Survival/ Self Sufficiency Part Four: Skills

There are several skills that can help you to be more successful at hunting and fishing. Most of them apply to both endeavors to different degrees, with the main exception being scent control which applies exclusively to hunting. These skills are: Patience, Mental Discipline, Cover/ Concealment, Situational Awareness (Power of Observation), Noise Discipline, Scent Control, […]

Hunting and Fishing for Survival/ Self Sufficiency Part Two: How to Find Fish/Game

While this article can’t possibly cover every species in every area, these guidelines can increase the probability of you finding fish/ game to harvest for food… “Higgy” Let’s start off with locating “edge” habitat. Edge is where two or more different terrain features or types of habitat come together. It may be where woods meet […]

Survival TV Shows Review

The popularity of survival themed TV shows is undeniable. Are these shows helpful and informative, or are they dangerous to the average viewer with no wilderness experience? Does it give viewers a false sense of security and a cavalier attitude towards survival? Honestly, the answer to all of the above questions is, “Yes”. Huh? It […]