Why Do I Carry A Gun?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, my sincere apologies! The Christmas and New Year’s season was pretty hectic (Storms with tornadoes and now flooding of the Mississippi River, plus the usual craziness of the holidays), but I promise there will be more regular and frequent posts this year. Why do I carry a […]

A Time of Rememberance

I’ve been moving, so I haven’t posted in awhile, my apologies. With Memorial Day coming up, I decided to post something a little off topic. I hope y’all don’t mind. Last week I went to visit my Great Grandmother’s grave for Mother’s Day. While there, I sat and had a chew with my cousin and […]

Always Improve Your Position

“What exactly is it that you want people to be ‘Ready’ for? Doomsday? Zombies? The Apocalypse?” I get asked this question a lot since I started this site. Unfortunately, my answer is not quite as exciting as all the things you see on TV about “Preppers” and “Survival”. In short, “Reality”, that’s what I want […]

Mental Toughness

We have all heard people refer to “mental toughness” when describing how an individual persevered through a difficult struggle. What exactly is mental toughness and what does it mean? Can someone learn, or train to be mentally tough? Is mental toughness reserved only for Special Forces types or elite athletes? I’m going to do my […]