Emergency Kit Basics

I get asked, “what should I have in a (Insert Emergency Here) kit?” more than any other question. While every geographical location has its own unique threats (be it natural or man made disasters), the basic items that I’m going to list here today will apply to all Emergency Kits. First, I’d like to go […]

Simple Winter Vehicle Kit

It’s starting to get cooler outside and winter is on the way. My friends in New Mexico, Colorado, Montana and Minnesota are already posting pictures of the snow they’re dealing with on Facebook. With all that going on, I decided to add a few items to my vehicle “just in case”. As always, I am […]

SHTF Water

This is a guest post from Dan F. Sullivan… No, the zombie apocalypse isn’t coming. But the odds of you and your family running into a disaster during your lifetime are not small. This is what Dan Sullivan is preaching: down-to-earth preparedness in an increasingly unsafe world….Stay Safe, Dan F. Sullivan Founder and Chief Editor […]