Ugh… Politics and Political Correctness

I really hate to discuss politics here because I feel as it might alienate some people from visiting and learning about maintaining their personal “State of Readiness”. However, it seems that people make assumptions about my “political leanings” based on some kind of stereotype of people that believe in being prepared, maintaining readiness and/ or are survival minded. So today I have decided to lay my cards on the table so to speak and share my feelings and beliefs (Basically to rant a bit). If you are easily offended, politically correct or prone to fits of false outrage; walk away… You’re not going to like this.

I’ll start off with some of my general thoughts and beliefs, then I’ll touch on some current events to add additional perspective:

First off, I love my country and am proud to be an American. That doesn’t seem to be “in vogue” these days, but as strongly as some people hate America, I love it far more! As a young man, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. No where in that oath was there mention of it’s expiration; in my opinion it never does. As proud as I am to be an American, I don’t have those feelings for our Government as it operates today or for the class of career politicians we are subjected to. My pride comes from the Constitution and the Constitutional Republic that our forefathers bestowed upon us. I believe that serving the people of this nation in public office should be viewed as doing one’s duty, NOT a career choice or a ticket to money and privilege.

A few things that disgust me:

1. Our elected representatives not being subject to the laws that they put upon us.

2. Those same politicians drawing a lifetime salary on our dime! How is someone serving four years in Congress somehow worthy of retirement? I feel that a soldier, sailor, airmen or Marine puts far more on the line than these people do to serve our country, yet look at how differently they are treated. When is the last time you saw a Congressman or Senator go into harm’s way to protect our way of life?

3. Congressmen voting themselves raises. WTF?

4. Politicians overtly lying to the people they represent. I seriously would enjoy stoning these pieces of shit to death… SLOWLY.

5. Pundits and media types (really anyone for that matter) that blindly stick to their party line and defend politicians that have been caught lying to us. It’s not like you’re supporting a sports team you fucking idiots! These peoples’ lies and omissions affect real people, let’s see some accountability!

6. Democrats/ Liberals. So smug and “holier than thou”. They’re the same as Republicans, they just whine more and pander to the middle class and the poor while making themselves richer. They think we are all idiots that NEED them to take care of us.

7. Republicans. They talk a great game, but at the end of the day, they don’t do what they say they will and refuse to vote and act as their constituents say. They, like their counterparts across the aisle, are looking out for themselves and whatever special interest group that’s lining their pockets.

8. Too much government. Both parties have a vested interest in increasing government. It gives them more power, money and influence.

9. Social programs. People need help from time to time and I believe it is in our country’s best interest to have programs in place to give people in need a hand up, not a hand out. There are families out there that completely rely on the welfare system for their living. These folks that are “gaming the system” should be held accountable for the theft that they perpetrate on tax paying Americans.

10. The IRS. Talk about a system that is rigged in favor of the select few! The tax code is so convoluted and complicated that you can’t get the same answer out of any two IRS bureaucrats for any question. I feel that this is the first Federal agency that needs to be abolished. Whether a “Flat Tax” or “Consumption Tax” would be better for our country, I’ll leave to people smarter than I to decide. Either would be an improvement and not having to fund a bloated IRS would only be an improvement to our nation’s budget. No loopholes, deductions, etc. everybody pays and that’s it.

11. Political Correctness/ Fake Outrage. This irks me more than anything. I believe that this phenomena contributes hugely to our perceived impotence around the world. Why is speaking plainly and honestly seen as so offensive? One of the greatest freedoms in this country is “Free Speech”. I’m not sure who I feel more disdain for; the people that want to dictate what others are “allowed” to say, or those that sit quietly by and allow it to happen. No where in our Constitution are you guaranteed the right to NOT be offended. Sometimes you’re not going to like what others have to say or how they say it… Tough shit, deal with it. When did we become a nation of pussies that are constantly looking for something to be offended by? We spend more time and energy fighting about how something is said, rather than discussing the content or subject of WHAT is being said. Everything is semantics now. If someone says something that you disagree with and your “go to” argument is to be offended by the way they said it or to tell them that their point is not valid because they did not use “politically correct” terminology, I hate to be the one to break this to you… but you are a pussy. Plain and simple, you are weak and most likely completely useless to those around you. You’re a burden to the rest of us and you contribute little or nothing to society. Sorry. You rely on those stronger than you to protect you, produce your food, keep your electricity flowing, etc. You may be more “intellectual” or “educated” than the average working man (which is why semantics are so important to you), but deep down inside, you know that without them, you don’t survive.

Some examples of current events/ issues that drive me crazy and lead me to believe that there are bad times ahead. Not Zombie Apocalypse type stuff, but more political upheaval, civil unrest, terrorist acts and economic issues:

1. Refusal to Hold Islamic Extremists Accountable. Pussyfooting around this very real issue in the world is only going to cost more innocent people their lives. Period. You can not impose Judeo-Christian principles on them. “They WILL NOT love us” if “we love them”, nor will they “leave us alone” if “we leave them alone”. If you can’t wrap your head around that, you have ZERO experience dealing with these kind of people or you are just plain stupid. If you can’t stomach the fact that sometimes predators NEED to be eliminated in order for others to survive, you are so far out of the loop of reality that you can’t, and shouldn’t, be helped.

2. Racism. Racism is real. There are people out there that feel that people of other races are inferior to them. However, it is not near as prevalent as politicians or media types would have you believe. By preoccupying us with this bullshit, they keep us fighting with one another rather than focusing on their crimes and how they are fleecing the American people. Here’s the deal, there are racists… but guess what? Holding those views is NOT illegal (discriminating against someone for their race, religion, etc. is). You’re not going to change their minds. If they cross over into breaking laws because of their racism, you have protection and actions that can be taken against them. So just ignore them and let them live with their hate. Quit making race a part of every issue. Quit looking for that “subtle, under the surface” racism in every news event. The biggest racists are the ones that are yelling about it the loudest. Same rules apply to all, deal with it. No special considerations for anyone, that’s how it should be. BTW, pointing out racial stereotypes that are amusingly accurate is actually funny. Lighten up and laugh at yourself (and others) once in a while!

3. Media/ Journalism. We no longer have journalists, those days are sadly over. No more is there someone out there seeking the truth for the people. Every news channel has their own idea of what political idealism you should be following and they only report things that support it. I’ve heard that there are unbiased news sites on the internet, but most turn out to be just as agenda driven as the mainstream media. To me, the media is complicit in crimes that our politicians commit against us, by sensationalizing otherwise meaningless events to distract us from what is actually happening. I would love to see factual reporting so that I could make up my own mind. I don’t need someone to tell me how I should feel about an event. The worst of the worst are the political pundits! Childishly making faces, blatantly stating “facts” that have been proven to be untrue (they don’t care, they believe you are stupid and the truth doesn’t matter… You want to be outraged about something? be outraged about that), not answering questions or answering questions that they WANT asked rather than what WAS asked. I’d love to watch the swarmy pieces of shit choke on a bag of dicks, while dying in a house fire.

4. Police. This one hits very close to home for me. Full disclosure: I was raised by a cop and most of the adult males in my life while I was growing up were cops as well. I also have been arrested for a crime I didn’t commit by cops that were lazy and refused to do even a cursory investigation that would have prevented the whole incident. All that being said, I think that a lot of law enforcement has gotten out of control. I think they are too militarized and need to return to the kind of police work that I remember from when I was younger. Police officers are CIVILIAN law enforcement. It irritates me to no end to here cops refer to CITIZENS as CIVILIANS. You too are a civilian, albeit with a dangerous and very important job, but a civilian just the same. Other than matters of personal safety or the safety of citizens, police officers should put a citizen’s Constitutional rights before all else. Cops have a thankless job and they deal with the worst society has to offer on a daily basis. Understanding what they do and go through each day may help to enlighten many citizens as to why they react to certain behavior suspiciously or aggressively. While there are some bad cops out there, there are also many great ones (you’ll rarely see them on the news). There are also many legitimate complaints against police officers acting inappropriately, but many more that are not. On the news today there is outrage (mostly fake) that a 14 year old Muslim boy that had his school project mistaken for a bomb was handcuffed. Oh my God! They handcuffed a 14 year old! Settle down folks. It is the policy of most police departments to handcuff any suspect that is being held. It is there as a safety precaution, not to humiliate anyone. Believe it or not, many violent acts are perpetrated by juveniles. Handcuffing a suspect not only limits his ability to commit a violent act, it also lowers the possibility that any of their actions can be interpreted as intent on causing anyone else harm, thus keeping the suspect safe from the officers acting in self defense. My only suggestions to resolve the current issues between citizens and police are the following: BOTH sides need to consider each other’s perspective and show a little more respect to one another. I also think that there should be a minimum age for police officers (I know, it’s discriminatory). If you were not eligible for the position of police officer until you reached the age of 30 (for example), you would have been required to have experienced life and gained some useful perspective during that time. I feel that an officer that has had some life experience before becoming a police officer, will possess empathy and will be much more accurate in identifying an asshole from someone that is going through a rough time. I’ve known a lot of young officers that immediately jump to the conclusion that someone is an “asshole” because they are poor or just down on their luck at the moment. Again, Perspective (on BOTH sides) is important and the bridge to repairing the relationship between police and citizens.

5. Presidential Campaigns. I don’t give two squirts of piss what the candidates think of one another or if they think the others are attractive or not. I want to hear WHAT they intend to do to restore this country to it’s place as a safe, free and prosperous nation. I don’t care how often, to whom or where they worship. I don’t care about their personal beefs with one another. I want substance. How are they going to protect us and our interests from Islamic Extremists? How are they going to help create an environment for our economy to grow? How are they going to fund their social programs? What are they going to do about the tax code? How are they going to treat our military personnel? How are they going to take care of our nations veterans? These are the things I want to hear from them.

Our politicians and government are a complete mess and I think that the people need to demand that they be held accountable. We need to get past all this politically correct bullshit and deal with real issues. We need to take the responsibility of being citizens of this country and cut through the BS and elect politicians that have a plan and are capable of moving us forward.

Nearly everyday someone will bring up my military service, and more often than not, they will “thank me for my service”. It is nice that people appreciate veterans and I don’t want this to come off wrong, but I am not always comfortable when this happens. Some of these folks are so sincere it literally brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat (one elderly woman at a restaurant in New Mexico approached me and asked if I was a Marine. When I told her I was, she handed me a small card, looked me in the eye and said, “God bless you” and walked away. I grabbed my food and sat in my truck and read the card she had given me, thanking me for volunteering to protect her and her family and making the sacrifices that were needed to do so. For the first time in years, I sat there and wept. She, and people like her, were exactly who I had in mind when I made my decision to serve). Other folks say it and it sounds obligatory or insincere. Am I supposed to say, “You’re welcome”? I guess that’s the best response… “It was my pleasure” might be taken as I am some kind of war monger, nut-job. I am more comfortable with “Welcome back” or “Welcome home” to which I can reply with a “Thank you”. Others may feel different about these, I just thought I’d share my thoughts. More to the point of this post, if you truly want to show appreciation for our veterans, then vote for politicians that will take care of them and our military folks. Vote for a Commander in Chief that will keep our people safe and care for those that sacrifice so that you can live your life as you see fit. Don’t vote for the “Rock Star” candidate, the “Best Looking”, “Best personality”, “Same Race/ Religion/ Sex as me”, “The First ____” or the “It’s His/ Her Turn” candidate. Vote for the one that you feel is most sincere about protecting all of us and helping us to prosper and provide an even better country for our children.

You may wonder what all this has to do with “Readiness”? If we all do our part, we eliminate some events that we need to be ready for, such as war, civil unrest, martial law or economic collapse. We still need to maintain our State of Readiness to face natural disasters, crime, etc… But as Forrest Gump says, “One less thing…”

I’ll leave you with this…

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