What’s been going on over here?  Well, things are going slower than I had anticipated (the day job has been taking more of my time lately), but there are some new things coming down the pipeline!  I will be posting my thoughts on the “Super Shelter” this weekend.  I went out last week and tried it out in the mountains.  I will let you know how it worked, what I liked/ didn’t like and how I will do it next time.  I also have some video of the outing that will be posted on the youtube channel.  In addition to the “Super Shelter”, I have a some gear reviews that I am working on as well (Cold Steel Trail Hawk, Schrade SCHF1, Sawyer Mini, Smith & Wesson Border Guard, Rothco G.I. Casualty Blanket and more…).  I will also be putting up a list of suppliers that I deal with that I recommend.

I am also getting all the equipment together to begin the podcast as well, so stay tuned!

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