We’re just getting this site up and running, so please be patient.

This site isn’t intended to be a typical “Survival” or “Prepper” site.  We would like to present information that will help you to become ready to deal with any situation you might be faced with as well as how you can become more self reliant (the more self reliant you are, the less outside influences can affect you).  TEOTWAWKI can come in many different forms and degrees.  It is our hope that we can put out information that will help people to better cope with these times when they come.

While some of our articles and posts will deal with wilderness skills, homesteading, self defense or other such specific areas, the underlying theme is always to be mentally and physically prepared to deal whatever situation comes your way.  Whether you’re sheltered in place to deal with a natural or man-made disaster, in an active shooter situation, broken down in the desert, lost in the woods, your home is being invaded, etc., being prepared to deal with the stress of these type of events and some basic preparations of how to deal with them can greatly increase your chances of surviving.

We will also link many other sites and articles that we feel offer useful information.  If you have a site or would be interested in posting an article here please feel free to contact us at absolutereadiness@gmail.com.

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